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TOPIC, SEX: Masturbation Female

I originally got on this site to find new ways to masturbate, but they were all the same. Have your girlfriend do it, fingers, showerhead, or a cucumber. Well I tried all and they all got me off but I was craving something new yesterday. I was laying on my couch, bored out of my mind all by myself at home. My dad called and told me to make sure I vacumed, I was like sure whatever and hung up. Then I started to look at the vacume, my toung wiped over my lips as an idea formed in my head. We have an old old kirby vacume cleaner that vibrates so hard that is hard to push it around the house, and has a hard grip handle. So I took of all my clothes and turned it on. I layed myself on the carpet and bent it down so the tip of the handle was on my clit vibrating away, then I took the tube sucking handle and placed it gently on my nipple. The sensation was amazing!! I was soon screaming and I had not even orgasmed yet, it just vibrated and vibrated and sucked and sucked, the cum just started spilling out of my hot vagina and going all over my inner thighs. Then I took the vacume cleaner and placed the head of it against the wall so it wouldn't move. I leaned over in a cat like position and lowered the handle. I gently placed it into my vagina backwards. It was so larged and hard it took awhile to get it all in, I butwas so wet and it vibrated so fu*king hard that I just kept cumming and cumming until it was slipping right in. I started ramming myself against it as hard I ascould, faster and faster and harder and harder, until I was screaming so I loudthought my lungs would burst. Eventually I came one last time in that position and I lifted it up, straight up. I am tall enough and had long enough legs to stand above the handle and lower myself right on it, I humped it so hard that my legs went weak and I had to take it to the floor and was banging it and sucking my breast and cumming all over myself. Then I lubed my ass up with my own cum and placed it in my ass in my catlike position while take a cucumber and putting it in my steaming vagina. I could feel both of them rubbing against eachother inside of me and the vacume was vibrating harder and harder and I came all over everything including my hands. I laid on the carpet naked with my breasts erect and panted and sucked at my fingers and came one last time. The handle was covered in my cum and there was cum all over the floor. I gave the vacume cleaner handle a "blow job" and sucked all my cum off, it was so good. If any of you ladies out there that are from vt want to lick my come email me. try my new method it is amazing!!!

Notes: The type of masturbation mentioned in the article above can be harmful, and could result in an embarrassing trip to the hospital.

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There were maybe 6 of us campers there plus two leaders. It was time for us to go to bed and it was very cold out that particular night. I was in a corner by myself and one of the girls asked if see could sleep with me in my sleeping bag because she was cold. I said sure. We both laid there trying to go to sleep after about an hour, I think most of the other kids were sound asleep. Suddenly, Mary started to rub her body on my leg and thigh. I didn't think anything of it at first but then she started to breath heavier and make quiet moaning noises at me. I guess I was starting to feel funny down between my legs and turned towards her and started rubbing our two bodies together. It started to feel sooo good that we both rocked back and forth and tried not to make any noise to wake up the other campers. After a while I rolled over on my back and she slid her hand under my undies and was rubbing and touching my already damp slit. I almost screamed at he great sensation I was having but luckly didn't. I wet all over myself as I was shaking from the experience. I knew Mary was turned on very much and was waiting for me to touch her in the same manner. I was somewhat hesitent to touch her so she took my hand and put it between her legs under her panties. I felt her being very moist and soon began to rub and touch her as she had done to me. Just touching and watching her made me feel good. Its been years since that camp experience and when I masturbate by myself, I think of her and the great feelings we both had that one cold night.

SEX: Female Masturbation

I pour lotion all over my clit and rub it. I need to have my vagina wet when masturbating. I can't do anythig good with out it being somehow wet. I like lotion because it stays longer than water. It makes me feel really good when masturbating.

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SEX: Female Masturbation

I am still a virgin and started masturbating when I was 14. I found it frusterating at first because I couldn't orgasm every time, and it took quite a lot of work when I got one. Well, one day I just firgured it out.. touching myself doesn nothing for me.. the worst part is feeling it both where I am touching and what I am using to touch with.. Thats hard to ignore. I was fooling around on my bed one day after being turned on by one thing or another, and I was on top of my stuffed animal. I think I was getting frusterated that I couldn't orgasm, so I lifted both my legs up backwards, and tensed most of the muscles in my body.. well at that point I had an orgasm like never before.. and that particular stuffed animal (has all the right pressure points) has never ever failed me. I can have as many orgasms as I want as long as I am in the mood. it's great! of course I am still looking forward to getting a boyfriend some day.

SEX: Female Masturbation

Hi, That is so much like what happened with me and my Grampa...when I was 10. Well,...he was my

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