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I love reading these types of stories. It makes me so horny. But whenever I masterbated, it didn't work. I tried all the methods. Then, a couple of nights ago, I was so horny that I tried the water method again. I learned that all it takes is patients. so I got in the bathtub, slid up my legs, and turned on the shower head. At first nothing happened. The I started feeling really horny and my hips got all tense. Then I felt this itching sensation in my vagina and finally I came. It was soooo great I do it every day now. You really should try it. It works great!

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My cousin and I would play house all the time. He always was he husband and I was the wife. We played it all the time, and the best part was we lived only 3 blocks apart. He said he wanted to do what married people do and so we got in the intimate position (with our clothes on) and got it ON. After about 3 monthes of this we started to get curious about each others private parts. He told me to tkae of my pants and he would do the same so I did. I was amazed with me and stuck his fingers in my vagina. Boy did it feel good and so I have to thank him for teaching me this method. Ever since then we have been playing with each other and It is fun. I don't think anyone could have taught me or let me experince things like that before and I have to say thankyou to him for the practice. We are older now and still continue to get each other off as practice for when the time comes with our own boyfriends or gilfriends.

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Here is my account of my first masturbation (which still seems like yesterday, but was actually years and years ago) I was in fifth grade and was in my gym class, which was right before my lunch time. During this particular class, we had to climb a rope. I had to wait till almost the whole class was done with their climb before it was my turn. Finally it came to my turn. I was pretty strong for a 10 year girl and didn't have much worry about pulling myself to the top of that rope. I started up and the rope started swinging back and forth. Two of the kids had to hold the rope tight for me and that is when "things" started happening inside my body. I felt a rush of something between my legs as they were wrapped around that tight rope. I remember I could not wait to get down. I was very excited inside. Right after class, instead of eating my lunch, I went into the girls bathroom wondering why I was feeling like this. I started to push on myself by my vagina and started feeling like I was still climbing that stupid rope. Nothing happened during this time so I just came out of the bathroom and waited for the rest of the school day to end. I got home, did my usual home work, ate supper and watched tv until I went to bed. Once in bed I started thinking of what happened in school and I started to push on myself again. This time things felt different, maybe because I was laying down. After a few minutes, instead of pushing, I started sliding my finger along my opening. This felt wonderful and I kept doing it until I felt a very warm and wet sensation inside of me.

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I remember years ago in high school I would masterbate all the time. It wasn't easy to find privacy in a house with so many family members but I tried. Sometimes I would lock myself in my room and put on the radio. When certain songs came on like "Do you think I'm sexy" by Rod Steward, I would get a fingernail polish bottle and go at it. I know it's small, but it came in handy because when I was finnished I could just leave it in my panties and walk around the house. That way when I sat down I'd get a special thrill. Now that I'm older, I use larger and more fullfilling object to get off on.

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My wife has started a new habit lately and I just love it. She doesn't work, so she has the luxury to sleep as late as she likes every day. About a month ago at about 10:30 one morning, she called me at work. The first thing she asked was if I was alone where we could talk privately. I told her I was. Then she asked me to guess what she was doing and I said watching TV, she said no that wasn't it, but she would give me a clue. Then I heard very distinctly a buzzing sound which I recognized as coming from her vibrator. She didn't say anything, but about 30 seconds later I heard her moaning, it got more intense until I heard all the unmistakeable sounds of her orgasm. I expected her to turn it off and come back on the phone, but I heard the buzzing continuing and very soon another orgasm. That time she did come on the phone and I told her it sounded like she was enjoying herself, that I sure wish I could have 2 orgasms that easy, she said 2, she had already had several before she called and planned to have several more after she got off the phone. Of course, I was hard as a brick listening to her and so I said if it was okay with her, instead of hanging up and continuing, to just lay the phone on the bed so I could hear and forget about it for at least a half hour. (I didn't really believe she would do a whole lot more since she had called) anyhow, she agreed and laid the phone down. Soon afterward I heard the vibrator again and what had to be a strong orgasm. Well in the next hour I heard many orgasms, some with the vibrator and some without. Then she just picked up the phone and said bye and hung up. When I got home that day, she was hot and ready to go. Now, she likes to do this regularly, almost every day. I don't really have that long to listen every day, but she'll leave the phone off in case I can listen in. all her orgasms by herself are not depriving me, I get all of her I want when I get home.

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I like it when I can be home alone for an hour or so. My big sister has some neat toys, and I have been playing with them, and it is so cool. I almost got caught last nite, by our brother. He came in when I was moaning and just about to grt off, and he hollered at me to SHUT UP cause he was going to use the phone. He looked at me kind of funny later, like maybe he knows what I was doing. He grinned, and licked his lips real slow and wiggled his eyebrows up and down, I wouldn't mind if he knows, or if he wanted to watch, I think that would be OK ..oe even more than OK. Cindy

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My parents had a big swimming pool installed in our yard a few summers ago when I was b.

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I come from a rather strict family so masturbating has always been rather sinful. I dont remember when I first discovered it but I remember I had a girlfriend that helped me experience it. We were laying on her bed when she put her legs around mine so our pussys were touching. I felt aroused and we both knew we wanted to do something. We slip up our nighties and began sliding our vaginas into each other the warm juice just made it more and more slippery. My friend Nikki then put her head to my pussy and stuck her toungue inside twisting my clit and then pressing it like a button, then we assumed a 69 position and began eating each other just licking each wet pussy slowly. finally she put her finger inside me and I felt a burst of joy! I mastrubate all the time now, sometimes just walking with small pens in my panties so they rub against my clit. I also love looking at myself and seeing my self shake and wishing that there was a big penis just pumping me in and out and ramming me hard until my whole body shakes.

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