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Female Sexuality Survey

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Sex Toys
Up to 50% off plus we pay your tax and FREE sex toy gift with purchase of $35 or more!!

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How do you feel about masturbation when in a relationship? How would you feel about your partner masturbating?


What was your first orgasm like? Describe what it felt like and how it occurred. Is the feeling of orgasm different now? Better or Worse?


Do you ever try to prolong the period before you orgasm? If so, how do you do it?


At what time does a girl become a woman?  Is there a particular event that determines it? How should this change a the life of a male?


Have you ever been caught masturbating? Do you ever have a fear getting caught?


What do you think causes your sexual preference?  Is everyone's sexual preference caused by the same thing(s)? Can someone change their own sexual orientation or someone else's?


Did you ever think about another female while doing it? Do you ever masturbate with another female?


Were you a late developer, an early developer, or average? Did it affect the way you perceived yourself? If so, how?


Has your favorite way to masturbate changed? If so, how is it different now?


How do you feel about sexual fantasies? Do you have fantasies that bother you?


Have you ever been punished for masturbating? Or have you heard of anyone else that has gotten in trouble for masturbating? If so, what happened?


How did you learn what you know about sex and sexuality? What is the most interesting?


How much is normal? How often do you masturbate? Do you think you do it more or less than the average?


How often do you have an orgasm? How often do you masturbate? If you're sexually active, how often do you have sex?


How do you feel about religious interpretation of masturbation? If you are affiliated with a religion, what does it say? Do any of the religious views on masturbation affect to you?


What body part do you think it most sexually arousing? Do you think you have an erotic fetish?


Have you ever lost interest in masturbating for a while? If so, what caused this masturbation apathy?


Do you shave your pubic hair? Why or why not shave? If you do shave it, do you shave it all or just some?


Have you ever tried to quit masturbation? If so, why? What was the outcome? How long did you quit?


What do you consider your sexual preference to be? Are you 100% straight or 100% gay? Or undecided? What factors cause you to come to your conclusion?

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Have you ever tasted your own vaginal fluids? If so, what did it taste like? Would you do it again?

Free Vagina Pictures - Documentary
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What type of underwear / bra do you prefer? What do you think about none at all? Do you prefer a variety or the same everyday?

Free Penis Pictures - Documentary
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When did you lose your virginity? What age? Circumstances? Or are you still a virgin? What do you think it the best age or circumstances to have sex?
How do you feel about the size of your breasts? Are you below average, average, or above average? Do you wish to change it? Why or why not?

Female Masturbation Monographs
Female masturbation stories in a documentary format.

Lesbian Monographs
Female entries about lesbian experiences.

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